Old Mutha Hubbard Orzo Salad

If you have come by my house recently you might be shocked if you see my fridge. Those who know me well know I love to cook and cooking is my passion and a way I relieve stress. But lately I have not been grocery shopping in forever, other than for staples, so our fridge and pantry look pretty sad. Really, even Old Mother Hubbard would think my pantry was pretty paltry. The other night I had to come up with a side to go with my grilled chicken for dinner. I did not have really anything to choose from, no brown rice (see previous post) and I am so over G’s cheesy noodles. So I found half a box of Barilla Orzo in my pantry and my hamster wheel started turning! If you have never had orzo before it is sort of like teeny tiny pasta that is shaped like rice. It is oh so yummy in sauces and soups and I decided to throw together a pasta salad. I boiled up the orzo and searched my fridge for some ingredients. I had some left over antipasto (I will write a great post about this soon, it is a great way to impress at a party, without having to cook) and I decided I could make that work. So I chopped up the small amount left of marinated mushrooms, artichoke hearts, garlic stuffed olives, a few slices of salami – that I chopped very small, mozzarella, and some fresh tomato. I also added some of my mom’s amazing signature “Brown” dressing (she makes the good seasoning dressing with balsamic vinegar) and some fresh basil from my pretty herb garden that Campy planted in our backyard farmers market. Seriously I should charge admission and let people pick their own veggies!

After the orzo cooked I tossed it with this leftover fridge concoction and it turned into gourmet heaven! It looked like I made some fancy deli pasta salad but it literally took me a few minutes and was made entirely from leftovers that would not have been enough on their own to be used for anything else. So sometimes when you are on a budget you have to get creative. Let me tell you, this salad lifted my spirits, as I was in a cheesy noodle funk. I am not sure how anything that orange is appetizing, but hey it is cheap! So next time you are stumped for a side see if you have any leftovers – half a tomato, an avocado, some marinated peppers, lunch meat, some herbs or a dressing, and some small pasta of any kind, and before you know it, you can have a gourmet dinner too!

coming tomorrow – my homemade scones with fresh fruit and chocolate


2 Responses to “Old Mutha Hubbard Orzo Salad”

  1. Vicki Campanella Says:

    sounds absolutely delicious and light! You’re our amazing little chef–we love eating at your house!

  2. Can’t teach an old Italian new tricks… « What Tara's Cookin' Says:

    […] Orzo Salad […]

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