Got me like Oh My God, I’ve got so many ways to love … carmel pound cake!

Caaaaakkkke! as my little one Sofia would say. She is not my kid at all because she loves baked goods and I rarely eat them. ok I might be lying a bit. Anyhow, after an awesome cinnamon buttermilk coffeecake over the weekend I decided to break out a dusty recipe from my homemade recipe box (thanks to Bluejacket Woodworking) that I had not seen in a while. My mom printed all of her yummy recipes and glued them onto recipe cards for me, a true labor of love, as there were hundreds. This one is entitled carmel pound cake and I am not sure where she got it, but anything with carmel in the title works for me. Really it could be carmel covered meatloaf and I would try it. By the way I made a killer meatloaf the other day, but I will have to post on that tomorrow. She also gave me one for low-fat carmel cake but I am not going to make anything with low-fat in the title if I am baking! I digress…

Besides the ridiculous amount of sugar included in this recipe, it was relatively simple. I think the key was whipping the caramel frosting at the end, to get it to thicken for the topping. Here is the recipe:

and the frosting:

excuse the snacks on the recipe, well I guess that means it is a good one right? enjoy!


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