So Meaty!

For me, food is love. I love to cook for the people I care about and make them and their tummy’s happy. It is my best way of showing how much I care for someone, by putting together ingredients that harmonize and turn into a fiesta for your senses. Even if I am making something very simple, such as a sandwich, I put every bit of love into it. Most guys love meat and potatoes and my hubby is no exception. So I am always trying new recipes to knock his socks off. I got tired of the same old meatloaf recipe so I went in search of a new one on There were so many to choose from and some I have tried, like the cheeseburger meatloaf from Paula, (which you know has like 10 sticks of butter in it) which turned out ok. Or the cornbread meatloaf recipe from Guy that I printed but have yet to make (I will blog on that if I try it, I promise). I had to print this one because my hubby loves cornbread and he loves meatloaf so how can you go wrong?

The most successful meatloaf I have tried was Ina Garten’s mini individual meatloaf recipe, which is very easy and impresses your guests. I made it when my folks were here as my dad loves meatloaf too. It makes 6 mini meatloaves so each of your guests feel like they got their own little meaty present. It is ridiculously moist and very flavorful, due to the fresh thyme. I had never used fresh thyme before and now if I find a recipe that calls for it, I will use it because the taste was phenomenal! I actually have a great recipe for grilled potatoes that calls for thyme and the recipe is only amplified by the fresh thyme I now use. So if you have someone in your life that loves meatloaf, or you love it, you have to try this recipe!


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