I want to turn the whole thing upside down

I aim to please and as I have written before, to me food is love. It is the easiest and greatest way I can express my love to those I love. I randomly try recipes and I almost always find success. One favorite I have made is the Upsidedown Berry Crostada. I love anything that is or sounds Italian, you know this! I saw Giada (who looks like a human bobble head doll to me, don’t get me wrong, she is pretty, but her head is a tad large) make this and of course, being a big fan (how can you be a big fan you say, after you just called her giganto head?) I had to try it. I think most people watching her show are just watching her cleavage, but hey, whatever floats your boat. I have made it a few times with different combinations of fruit and it can be whatever is in season or whatever you like. I think it would even work with apples too, maybe if you added something else, like blueberries. I made it with peaches and blueberries and also with mixed berry medley (strawberry, blueberry, rasberry, blackberry). I have used fresh and frozen and even mixed the two.

My favorite part is the crust. You might be intimidated by the idea of homemade pie crust but don’t be. It is so easy, especially with a food processor. When you dump it out to form it in a ball you might say how will this pile of crumbs ever form into dough? But have faith, once it first comes together, stop, if you overwork it, it will be tough. Refrigerating it is key and I roll it out between two pieces of plastic wrap, for ease and cleanup, and then you can easily pick it up with the wrap and flip it onto the dish. So if you have cobbler fans in your family and you get tired of the crunch or oat version then try this out. You can pitch it by saying it is Italian cobbler and then it sounds ten times more fancy. I don’t make the whipped cream in the recipe all the time, cool whip or vanilla ice cream works just fine. When you eat this you will want to turn your bowl upsidedown to get all the yummy bits out.


2 Responses to “I want to turn the whole thing upside down”

  1. Marg Schirm Says:

    Dessert was outstanding! As was dinner. The best cook ever!

  2. Butter Burgers, need I say more? « What Tara's Cookin' Says:

    […] (will post that one later), and last night Butter Burgers with Garlic Fries, fresh corn and Berry Crostada. The butter burgers I made last night were phenomenal. I did not use the 2T of butter per bun as […]

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