Yummo Pork Tenderloin

Usually I am not a big fan of Rachael Ray. I used to be her number one fan and watched her and talked about her so much that Gianna even wanted to be her one halloween. Then she started getting on my nerves. That scratchy voice and lack of sincerity started to make my feelings change. I went to resell some of her cookbooks and they were worth $1 on Amazon, which irked me more. Again I digress… I do still have a few go-to recipes of hers I use. One is her easy and super yummy balsamic pork tenderloin. I pick up a pack of pork tenderloin at my store and it always comes with 2, which is like a bonus, I can freeze one and have one right away. I have another great recipe I use on the other one, ginger martinated pork tenderloin,which is also quite tasty, but takes a bit longer and is more work.

Lately when I have been making her recipe I have been using fresh rosemary and lemon thyme (thanks to my hubby who planted my awesome herb garden, if you like sage please help yourself, as my sage plant is taking over my yard). I think using the fresh herbs really adds a nice kick. I also love how she uses Montreal Steak Seasoning, this is a great “rub” that you can really put on anything and it tastes great. I especially love putting it on a prime rib roast and throwing it in my Ronco Showtime Rotisserie for holiday meals. You can cut back the garlic to your taste, I usually only put it in half of the loin as my hubby (who is from the Garlic Capital, mind you) cannot tolerate garlic as much now that he is older (think 8-tracks). Also don’t be scared by the high temp, it will make the vinegar smoke a bit and blacken, because of the sugar content, but if you try to not have a big puddle of it, most of the pan’s char will soak off. So if you need a quick easy dinner that is tasty and meat that is great for leftover quesadillas, try Rachael Ray’s yummo recipe with lots of EVOO!


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