this ain’t your momma’s chicken soup!

I have been dying to try this recipe ever since I saw it in my awesome food network magazine (if you have never checked this mag out you should it has the best recipes, is very user friendly and is cheap to subscribe). It is called chicken and egg soup with pastina. Pastina is basically a type of small pearl shaped pasta, but any small pasta will do, I used small star pasta. The best part of this soup is the eggs you add in at the end, they make the soup incredibly creamy and delicious. It is almost like an egg drop soup. I did not have feta cheese so I used pecorino romano (my favorite, if it it does not say pecorino then it is not authentic or sheep’s milk). I think any favorite cheese would do or no cheese if that is what floats your boat.

The spinach added a nice touch. I actually made my own chicken stock by boiling a chicken in 7 cups of water and using parsley, celery, onion, salt and pepper. I needed the chicken stock for another recipe, but you can also use a good ol’ carton of Swanson too. If you are tired of your same old chicken soup and are looking for something hearty to warm you up this time of year, give this easy recipe a try. Your momma won’t mind, especially if you offer her a bowl!

Tonight I am attempting Arancini with my DW (deployment wife), if it is successful I will post the recipe and pics!


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