Arancini – Italy’s perfect snack

I finally attempted the Arancini recipe I have been wanting to try. I saw it on one of my favorite shows, Diners Drive in and Dives and it featured Italian cuisine, so pretty much the whole episode I was drooling. Sometimes Food Network posts DDD recipes and this one they did, which made me very happy. My DW (deployment wife) Niki had the idea of having a girls Arancini night so on Friday we did. Oh, wait, speak English Tara, what the heck is Arancini? Well Arancini is a little ball of heaven. It is risotto shaped into a ball and filled with a meat and sauce and mozzarella mixture which is then deep fried, yum! It is something we enjoyed when we were stationed in Italy and you could find them for a snack at almost any bar. By the way, bars in Italy are not alcohol pit stops, but coffee, gelato, pastry and other snackie pit stops. Pretty much anything delicious in one spot, I mean I could spend a day at an Italian Bar and get nice and fat and happy! I really wish we had them in the states, second thought maybe I could open one up someday…

Anyhow, I bought the ingredients ahead of time because the meat filling and risotto both had to cool for 2 hours to make them easier to work with.  So I made that ahead of time and by the time Niki came we were ready for assembly. It is a little bit of work to get these together, but the cooled rice worked great to shape into a ball. If you are intimidated by making risotto there are boxed easy versions and also frozen ready made ones, that you could cook and cool on a sheet pan like I did. I think the key to holding it together is dipping it in the flour/water mixture (which is like the glue) before the breadcrumbs. The directions on this recipe are step by step and make it easy to follow. Plus I had Niki here to help me – thanks Niki! If you want to make a delicious snack that can easily be a meal or could be a fun appetizer for a party and impress guests, give this authentic recipe a try! BTW, you can always post a message here if you have any questions about this one because it is a bit of work…


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