Breakfast for dinner

Sometimes I get lazy so I make breakfast for dinner. Nothing is easier than making up some quick pancakes and it makes the kiddos happy too. I still have my favorite pancake recipe from Home Ec class in 9th grade! This time I wanted to make something else so I went to one of my favorite recipes, Pecan Waffles, courtesy of Emeril. I have never made his flavored syrup he includes in this recipe and my regular syrup works fine. These waffles are great when you have company on a Sunday morning. They taste amazing and will impress your guests. Tonight my only guests are my kids and even my picky older one will eat these. The egg white part can be a bit of a pain but overall it is worth it. Don’t be surprised if when you add your melted butter it clumps up a bit in the cold milk, that is ok, it will melt when you make the waffles. Also make sure to just fold in the egg whites, don’t over mix them. The egg whites will add a nice fluffy quality to the waffles and the ground pecans will add a sweet yummy flavor.

I also have another great breakfast recipe I will share, for Banana Stuffed French Toast. I got this off of my Sunmaid Raisin bread bag and it is another crowd pleaser. It is very filling so I suggest only making it for a larger group, most people can’t stomach more than 1/8 of a pan serving. It is sooo yummy to use raisin bread and bananas and cheesecake like filling and it creates a really pretty presentation too! So if you want to switch it up from the typical breakfast for dinner or need a dish for a fancy brunch, try either of these dishes. By the way I don’t know what I enjoy more, writing this blog or taking photos of my food, I know, I am loco!


2 Responses to “Breakfast for dinner”

  1. Young Wifey Says:

    I love breakfast for dinner too, and not just when I need a lazy night (and I prefer chicken fingers at breakfast time). Unfortunately Hubster doesn’t agree with my view… glad your kids do.

  2. what I’ve been up to and my turkey day menu « What Tara's Cookin' Says:

    […] Today I made my favorite, Pecan Waffles […]

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