for all my nutella supporters (enablers)


I have a busy weekend so this will be a quick post. I have been clean from Nutella for over a week now. I know I should get a pin or a chip or something right? Does it count as being clean if I have eaten, cupcakes, fudge pudding cake, and a milky way instead? I guess not… anyhow I wanted to share a recipe for killer cookies.

Giada my favorite (and always way too happy) chef has made some great Nutella recipes. My two favorites are her Nutella Cookies and her Nutella Gelato. The Nutella cookies are the same idea as making peanut butter cookies but waaaay better! She call’s them Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti to sound fancy and Italian I guess, but ask my mom, Biscotti is not usually round and is made to be more like a hard crisp cookie.. This is just a recipe for a regular round cookie that is quite soft, so don’t let the biscotti title mislead you.

The Nutella Gelato sounds tricky but if you have an ice cream maker (thanks to my awesome MIL, I do!) then that is half the work. I tell ya I have not had authentic gelato that good since Sicily, so try making it at home if you wish! I am hoping eating the Nutella in a recipe (most of it cooks out like wine maybe?) is not as bad as straight from the jar, so that makes it ok right?


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