Diet Donuts (yeah right!)

Ok so sometimes I get all crazy and I make homemade donuts. Hey being unemployed gives me lots of free time. I know you think, she IS crazy, who has the time or energy to cook donuts from scratch? But in actuality this buttermilk donut recipe is quite easy. You won’t believe how delicious donuts fresh from the fryer are. You can use the glaze listed in the recipe or you can even put nutella on for frosting, whatever floats your boat. Even simple cinnamon and sugar works. If you are having company or just feel like being naughty, try this recipe. I like it because it does not require yeast and the dough is easy to work with. I usually half the recipe because it makes a ridiculous amount of donuts, even at half. Screw Dunks or $2 starbucks donuts and make your own for a sweet treat. Oh and if you make them at home from fresh ingredients and from scratch that makes them natural and healthy right?


One Response to “Diet Donuts (yeah right!)”

  1. Says:

    wow I have never seen a more perfect donut! I want to make donuts too!

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