If you like Chicken Piccata and getting caught in the rain…

Just a quick post before bed and before I forget, two kids later and I am lucky I can even spell or type! I hope I did not get that annoying Buffett song stuck in your head, I couldn’t help it, I love melding song titles and recipes. I promised on an earlier post that I would put up my favorite Piccata recipe, here it is. The key to this recipe is pounding the chicken flat with a meat mallet (just picture an ex or a terrible boss), or a can of something heavy, to tenderize the chicken which helps it absorb the sauce. I do not use the fresh parsley listed in the recipe at all, I don’t think it goes well and I am not a fan of it in piccata. This recipe is simple and does not need the garnish.

The fresh lemon juice and the capers really give this recipe its awesome tangy bite. As I mentioned previously, if you don’t like capers, use them in the sauce and remove them, to add the necessary flavor for Piccata. My friendly neighborhood commissary actually had capers, I was in shock! They also had pancetta (great carbonara recipe coming soon), so pretty much I can’t complain about the commissary on base. As usual, I digress. If you are a fan of piccata or have never tried it, try this easy recipe by a chef who is also easy on the eyes, Giada, and you won’t be disappointed. Manga!


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