An Italian girl makes Japanese food?

Yes I know you must be confused because I always post my baking recipes or my Italian themed recipes and here I am writing about great Japanese yum yums. Besides Italian and Mexican, Japanese and Chinese are two of my other favorite cuisines. I had bought some udon noodles at my favorite store, Fresh and Easy (yes that is a real store name, get your mind out of the gutter) and I have been searching for what to make with it. I found this recipe on foodnetwork and I thought why not. I have had udon noodle bowls before and I have always enjoyed them. Think Ramen, but better, in a giant bowl full of deliciousness.

Actually the best udon bowl was at Gilroy Bowl when Campy  I went there a few years ago. Who woulda guessed that a bowling alley would have great Japanese food, but they did. In this bowl they had nice tender pork that was sliced and served on top of the  noodles. So in my recipe I nixed the tofu and used pork tenderloin that I seared and sliced up instead. I actually don’t dislike tofu, thanks to my friends who introduced me to it in the killer Pad Thai at Salvation Cafe, but I was feeling like I wanted something more filling. The udon noodle flavors in this recipe and the broth were simple and perfect and the exact replica of the dish I was trying to re-create. I used Bok-Choy for the “Asian Greens” the recipe called for and I cut back on the red pepper flakes so my girls could eat it. Both kids cleaned their bowls! I also was able to find the roasted peanut oil at my commissary, wow this commissary is winning major Tara points lately! Nothing warms your tummy up like a nice hot bowl of savory broth filled with all sorts of treats. Venture out of Italy for a night and try this out!


One Response to “An Italian girl makes Japanese food?”

  1. meegan Says:

    Ah! Salvation Cafe. Loved the Pad Thai there. Unfortunately they are closed. I know, it sucks. But had fun while it lasted.

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