I’m changing my middle name to Pound Cake

I love Pound cake. I am not sure why it is called that, does it weigh a pound perhaps? No I am sure it is called that because it adds a pound to my already delicate frame (haha, yeah me delicate? yeah right). Seriously the last time I made a pound cake it makes the two loaves and I polished them both off. One pound went to each cheek… but as usual I digress. I posted my caramel pound cake recipe on here before and I have another great pound cake recipe, chocolate cream cheese poundcake, which I need to post for my fans. But today I am posting one from King Arthur Flour. If you haven’t checked out their site please do and you will be drooling in minutes.

Their website has so many amazing goodies that can enhance any baking project or give you a short cut to any gourmet treat (they have great scone, coffeecake, and many other mixes, that you can whip up in a flash). My Cuz took me to the King Arthur Flour store in VT and my head was spinning from all the goodies, I could not focus! I have mentioned before what a difference their flour makes in my recipes. I get their newsetter and catalog, no I don’t have a problem, and there are always great recipes in it. This time around there was a recipe for Golden Vanilla Pound Cake and it caught my eye. I made it and the simple glaze and it was amazing. It is so simple but so moist and flavorful that it will knock your socks off. Oh by the way they sell the mix for this same pound cake if you are not a fan of baking. If you need a cake for a gift or just for yourself check this one out and you will hear the golden angels sing!


4 Responses to “I’m changing my middle name to Pound Cake”

  1. jenn Says:

    omg i am so making this one this week. i LOVE pound cake.
    I have a king arthur baking book set i rarely open, i bet this gem has been hiding in there all along!

  2. Tara Says:

    Its too bad you are not back east, their store in VT is a must visit place on the bucket list! Let me know how it comes out. I might have to make more!

  3. Rufus' Food and Spirit Guide Says:

    Love King Arthur. Had never checked out their site. Thanks!

  4. Tara Says:

    They have a great catalog and great recipes, you will enjoy it! I read it like a great novel when I get it in the mail 🙂

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