Two-way mac

My husband is easily influenced :). A sad looking kid came to our door last fall and talked him into a magazine subscription. I get this family magazine (totally not my cup of tea BTW, I am a gossip mag girl) and I think it comes from Disney. Anyhow I flip through it and sometimes I can find some neat crafts or recipes for me and the kids. The other night I made the Two-way Skillet Mac and Cheese and let me tell you it was amazing! My kids are cheesy noodle kids to the core, this is what they always order from the kiddie menu, with some servers getting confused at the request of “cheesy noodles” – hello, Mac and Cheese people?! I loved this idea because you make one big batch but split it into two skillets to broil and melt the cheese. Why two skillets you ask? Because the grownup skillet has way more fun in it. The kid version has just the cheesy noodles in it, but they are no regular cheesy noodles with 3 kinds of great cheese and other cool ingredients, they were so good! The grownup ones have the addition of green onion, green chiles, artichokes and crab meat, can you say “how you doin’ mac and cheese.” I am cheap so to buy a $8 can of crab meat was not an option so I bought a $3.99 pack of maryland lump crab cakes and baked them and broke those up into my dish. I also only made half a batch since my hubby is not here and it is just 3 of us. I recommend this dish if you want to treat yourself to something the kids will eat but the parents can really enjoy the extra kick. My kids don’t like breadcrumbs so I only put those on the adult skillet. Pop ’em in the broiler for 5 mins and you have some bubbly cheesy goodness. So if you feel like a two-way tonight, try this skillet mac!


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