Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh, O O-reo, What’s in the middle? The White Stuff!

This is what I made tonight, food network’s homemade oreos. It only took my mom 20 mins to show up at my door after I posted I was making them and she wasn’t disappointed. OMG people you have to make these! The filling tastes just like real oreo filling, it even has the same texture, except you make it with only 4 ingredients and you can pronounce all four, so it is so much better for you! I think this is the best thing I have ever baked. The cookies cooked faster than I expected, so they probably only needed 15-17 mins not 20. The cookies had the crisp of a typical Oreo but also had a soft chewy center. Plus mine were a bit bigger than an Oreo so it was sort of like a giant dream come true version. I know people say nothing can replace the real thing but to me this tasted so much better and I prefer making stuff from scratch.


One Response to “Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh, O O-reo, What’s in the middle? The White Stuff!”

  1. homemade oreos « What Tara's Cookin' Says:

    […] this was a post I did a while back, for homemade oreos. I thought the filling was surprisingly close to the real deal and they came out amazing, so if you want to try it, check it out… […]

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