easy homemade pasta step by step

Ok so I was feeling the love when I was planning to make dinner for some old friends tonight and I decided to make my own Fettucine from scratch. I love fresh pasta. It adds such a difference in taste to any dish, as it absorbs the sauce in such a yummy way. Buying fresh pasta at the store is good but making it tastes even better. I have an cool Italian pasta machine from my mom that has a recipe inside the box. It calls for 400grams of flour and 4 eggs. I am sure you can look up fresh pasta dough on foodnetwork if you need more specifics. I have a kitchen scale so I was able to measure the flour that way. Here is what I did step by step

measured the flour on my scale

made a pile with a well in the center

put my eggs in the well

started to mix it together by hand, seems impossible but just don’t let any egg escape, by quickly mixing with the flour and it will come together

it starts to form into a paste, you can add a tiny bit of good olive oil if you need more moisture

eventually if you keep kneading it, it will form into a hard ball. at this point I let the dough rest for 30 mins in plastic wrap. You will notice it has softened when you go to use it, that is good.

my pasta machine has several settings, I start at the thicker level and roll it through on 5 different levels, one at a time, till you reach the desired thinness. this seems like a lot of work but if you don’t thin it out it gets to clumpy.you’ll know its thin enough when it is almost transparent

then I rolled it through the cutting portion of my pasta machine, you can make angel hair or fettuccine. If you don’t have a pasta machine you could roll it thin by hand and also cut it by hand, to make a tagliatelle, a wide ribbon pasta that is hand cut.

look at all the beautiful pasta I made! it made almost a pound. It was so delicious, you could just taste how fresh it was. I made Carbonara from Diners Drive ins and Dives, I will have to post that recipe later!



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