Can’t teach an old Italian new tricks…

so last night I hosted a book club and I made two of my favorite entries:

Caprese Salad on a stick

Orzo Salad

So I thought I would repost links to these recipes in case you are in need of some memorial day cookout inspiration. Caprese on a stick is my favorite summer salad with a whole new take. I know I often get in a Caprese salad plate funk.

My orzo salad changes depending on my pantry, this time I added some artichoke hearts, fresh basil, salami, sundried tomatoes and also some Feta cheese. The key to this recipe is that you can utilize whatever you have on hand (everytime I make this I have old mother hubbard’s pantry and fridge, yet I find some treasures in there) and it is quick and easy. Sometimes cleaning out your pantry is a good thing! Orzo is so tasty and can be substituted in your favorite salad or soup. I also made homemade peanut butter cookies with hershey kisses in the middle to go with my savory feast, and yes my daughter had to twist my arm to talk me into making the cookies… ok not really. Have a great long weekend everyone!


One Response to “Can’t teach an old Italian new tricks…”

  1. Vicki Campanella Says:

    So how’s the Book Club going? What did you read? Mine is coming up on Wednesday and we’re reading Little Bee…I have to cram on Tuesday night, after Pa leaves…there’s been no time!

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