Cacciatore redone

So I have had little time to cook lately with my hubby coming back so I have been sticking to a lot of my old reliable recipes from here. I recently bought some Butterball Turkey strips on sale so I decided to use them in Chicken Cacciatore to make it more healthy. I used my same recipe from here and followed the same steps except I used the strips which cook much faster than chicken on the bone and I also used my own tomatoes for the sauce. I had 4 large too ripe tomatoes that I cooked down with some olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, and onion and it came out great. I had quite a bit of it so I stuck it in the freezer in the hopes that a recipe would call for some crushed tomatoes or tomato paste. I also had left over pepper and onions from making Italian sausage with peppers and onions, made too much of the veggies and too little of the sausage, so I froze the extra already cooked peppers and onions and viola! when this recipe called for both, I already had them cooked and ready. So I guess this was a potluck of random stuff from my freezer! anyhow the cacciatore came out great with the turkey and homemade crushed tomatoes and peppers and onions.

To make it feel more fancy I decided to make more homemade pasta. Yes I have a problem, now that I figured out how to do that I make it quite often. I used 100 grams of flour to 1 egg and made enough for one portion for me and the girls (since pasta maker calls for 400g to 4 eggs for a full pound). This time we cut it into angel hair, since my pasta machine offers fettucine or angel hair options. My sous chef Fifi (wow, even her nickname sounds french) helped with the fettucine as you can see above. So here’s to a remodeled cacciatore that came out molto bene, the perfect way to end a busy week.

I also did this one other night to toss the fresh pasta with some mussels I cooked in a wine, tomato, and garlic sauce, that way I feel fancy but I dine in for only pennies!

Ristorante Campanella is always open if anyone wants to try my homemade noodles or if you want me to make you a batch for you to use at home in your own recipe.



5 Responses to “Cacciatore redone”

  1. Marg Says:

    Looks delish, love your narrative and the french model!

  2. Vicki Campanella Says:

    You know I’ve had my pasta machine in the cupboard for more than 30 years and have used it once or twice. You make it sound so easy, Tara, that maybe for our next family holiday gathering, we can make Homemade Pasta and Fifi AND I can be your sous chef! Can’t wait to see you…SOON!! xoxo

    • Tara Says:

      I’ll be right over… LOL, can you tell I am lonely! yes it is easier than you think and it tastes so much better!

  3. Vicki Campanella Says:

    Not for long, baby girl!! Your guy will be home very, very soon!

    I’m looking forward to dinner on Tuesday night! I’ll call when I get on the road from Ben and Ally’s on Tuesday early AM…what’s you ETA?

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    […] a collander in the sink, which I think was too hard on them. I topped my Gnocchi with some leftover Cacciatore sauce (you know I save everything!) I had in the freezer and let me tell you, with the peppers and the […]

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