Italian Soda

Ok so this post may seem lazy but I am headed away for a much needed kid break with my hubby so I will make this short and sweet. I am in love with Italian Soda. I had it at a coffee shop back in NC and ever since then I have been smitten with it. I am a soda-holic and I had recently cut out all soda that is not clear, because of the dyes and other chemicals, and I stopped drinking diet soda. So this pretty much limited me until I found Hansens all natural soda. Think yummy soda with no food coloring or chemicals or anything bad in flavors like cherry vanilla and mandarin lime. You can find it at one of my favorite places, Trader Joes.

So in lieu of a 40 min trip to TJ’s in Fresno I have been making my own soda. How do you do this you may ask? Well I remembered the Italian Soda and I decided to make that at home. All it has is Torani Coffee syrup, in whatever flavor you like, and club soda. About 2 1/2T of syrup and one can or small bottle of club soda and stir it up and viola, you have your own natural soda. The syrup comes in many great flavors, my favorite is vanilla soda – tastes like cream soda, or the amaretto syrup for a yummy amaretto soda. The best part is it only has 16g sugar a glass compared to 40+ of regular soda. Oh and there is sugar free syrup if you are trying to cut out the sugar. So grab some club soda and your favorite flavor – orange, vanilla, coconut, whatever and make your own soda that satisfies your craving but can make a more natural and less sugary version.

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