I found my thrill on blueberry buckle hill…

Just a quick yummy post to brighten up your  weekend. I love when blueberries are in season. There is nothing better than getting a big container of juicy sweet berries for a steal instead of the arm and a leg they cost during off season. There are so many delicious treats you can make, my Jordan Marsh blueberry muffin recipe, blueberry cobbler, blueberry pancakes and most importantly, blueberry buckle. Is this a crazy new fashion trend you are trying Tara? No a buckle in terms of baking is defined as “a buckle is an old-fashioned, single-layer cake with a streusel-type topping. The batter is quite dense. As the cake bakes, the batter sinks to the bottom of the pan, which makes the streusel buckle on top.”  You can’t go wrong with crumb topping, I would eat most anything topped with it! I have the recipe on one of my trusty Margie recipe cards but I will share the link with you so I won’t miss anything, click here to get the recipe. I don’t use shortening when I make it, I always use butter and also I use 9″ square pan and it comes right to the top when baking so I would not use the 8×8 listed here. So grab a pint (not beer) and make this yummy treat to sweeten up your Sunday!


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