spicy cauliflower yum yums

Hello everyone! Tonight to go along with my Teryaki chicken that I made from my recipe on here I had to think of a new side to try. I had a sad looking bag of cauliflower in my freezer that was just calling me to give it some inspiration. Of course my trusty food network site provided me with this great cauliflower recipe. I was amazed how delicious and flavorful this recipe turned out. Who woulda thunk cauliflower could be spicy and also not boring anymore. I did cook it a bit less since it was frozen and I think the fresh would taste even better. Roasting the cauliflower in the oven added a nutty sweetness to it and the spices of garlic, thyme and red pepper really married well. I also served it with a bag of Alexia Reds. If you have not found Alexia sides in your freezer section you need to scope them out, they are healthy natural and delicious. So if you need to take your bland cauliflower and kick it up a notch, then check out this recipe (and tons of other cool cauliflower recipes on food network if you do a search) and make your dinner sing!


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