Butter Burgers, need I say more?

Sorry for the lack of recent posts, I have been busy cooking up a storm, Pork Marsala, Roasted Asparagus with homemade hollandaise, Tuna Vermacelli (will post that one later), and last night Butter Burgers with Garlic Fries, fresh corn and Berry Crostada. The butter burgers I made last night were phenomenal. I did not use the 2T of butter per bun as suggested, used a bit less and it was still good. I was surprised to find some tasty ground sirloin at the good ol’ commissary, usually when I need a specific cut of meat it is not there. I loved the simplicity of this recipe and also of the garlic fry recipe. Less ingredients equal more flavor and the main ingredient can really shine. The sirloin tasted just perfect with the onions and butter, they did not need any other help, other than the S&P.

The garlic fries are a staple if you go to the Giant’s stadium and I have always wanted to know how to make them. The oven version made them a bit healthier and they still tasted great. The fresh parsley and garlic really added some zing to the crisp oven fries. But if you have a date with Edward Cullen or Bill Compton planned in your future you might want to watch out for all the garlic, we all had serious garlic breath after. We had our burgers and fries with fresh corn from a local farm and ended our meal with the Upside down Berry Crostada I previously posted. I used peaches and blueberries in this batch and I always use less fruit than Giada calls for because I like the crust better. I also whipped one cup of heavy cream with 2T of sugar and 1/2t of vanilla till stiff peaks formed and I made homemade whipped cream. Needless to say my folks left with happy full bellies, as all my guests do, and I am happy to feed them with my love from the kitchen!


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