Breakfast in France

Crepes. That word often instills fear in the hearts of many. Not fear like those Paranormal Activity movie trailers that make me want to run and hide but fear of a different sort. Crepes sound elusive and fancy and people may think they are impossible to make. But in reality crepes are more tangible than you think. They are simply pancake batter, but thinner, and all it takes is the technique to coat the pan and you can have a delicious treat. The best thing I love is that there is no right or wrong way. Sometimes my one batch of batter might make just a few really thick tasty crepes or if I feel like being proper I might make them the right way and have them be nice and thin and make a dozen or so. My Aunty Sandy often made crepes for me and my cousin when I had a sleepover at her house and she inspired me to learn how to make them.

I have tried many different recipes but have found that my trusty red and white checkerboard Better Homes & Gardens cookbook recipe is best. TheĀ thicker crepes were inspired by ones I had at the Parisian in Vegas, it was almost like a folded triangular Nutella sandwich in their version. You can fill them with things such as bananas, nutella, peanut butter, fresh strawberries or just plain with syrup and or confectionary sugar. Sometimes I throw a dash of vanilla or almond extract (any flavor of extract you like would be tasty) into the batter to add a unique flavor. Either way, once you get the coating of the pan with the batter trick down, you can be a master at crepes too! I have to admit every time I make them my first crepe is usually a dud, but the rest come out better. Here is my BH&G recipe:


2 Beaten Eggs

1 1/2 C milk

1 C flour

1T vegetable oil

2T sugar

Combine eggs, milk, flour, oil and sugar, beat with whisk gently till well mixed and lumps are gone. Heat lightly greased (with butter, gotta have this or it will stick) 6 inch skillet (or any size if you want larger crepes) and then remove from heat. This is key, you want to spoon the batter into the pan while you are holding it off of the heat. Spoon 2T of batter into skillet (I use about 1/4c for thicker crepes) and lift and tilt skillet to coat completely (in the circle in the bottom) and return to heat. Brown on one side only, once it looks like it has set you can lift the edge to see if it is browned. Once it has set and is browned flip and only cook on the second side for less than a minute or so, check by peeking at it. Stack on paper towels till you are finished, this recipe says it makes 18 crepes but my pan must be too big or crepes too thick, because it usually makes only 10 or so. You can also omit the sugar and add 1/4 teaspoon of salt for savory crepes to fill with cheese, grilled veggies, meat… but I am strictly a sweet crepe girl. So break out your skillet and Nutella and take a trip to Paris for a quick culinary vacay.


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