Who’s your daddy?!

In honor of my dad’s birthday tomorrow, I am cooking him a birthday feast. He hates birthdays so I am selling it as Sunday dinner and he won’t know the wiser since it is not yet Aug 1, he will just think I am making a fabulous dinner. I am making homemade pasta with Alfredo, chicken and broccoli, garlic bread, salad and also dessert. My dad has quite the sweet tooth, as does my mom, so I am doubly screwed :). In fact his favorite hobby is checking Fresh and Easy’s markdown shelves for the days dessert markdowns, so of course I had to make him something yummy. For some reason I remembered him liking pecan pie. I could be wrong but he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to pie.

I have never made pecan pie and I always love the challenge of a new recipe to tackle. This time I went for Tyler Florence’s individual pecan pie recipe because I thought it would be fun to make a bunch of cute little tasty pies. The fun part was cracking a huge bag of pecans in their shells and digging them out, I am sure you could use already shelled ones but I had some whole ones in my pantry. I think the addition of ground pecans to the crust is going to make it extra yummy, as I have another favorite recipe for Pecan Waffles, that also uses ground pecans. The pies are baking as I type so I will edit my post later to tell you how they taste. I used my extra crust to hand cut into some hearts to show my dad extra love. I think you could almost take any favorite pie recipe and make it into mini pies in the muffin tin, as this recipe does. This would be great if you were going to a party or hosting a cookout. I also think you could use store bought crust and cut it into the circles if you did not want to make your own crust too. There are so many ways to make a new recipe work for you. Gotta go now, my sweet tooth is calling…


One Response to “Who’s your daddy?!”

  1. Vicki Campanella Says:

    Funny you should post this…I made little individual and VERY simple desserts for us tonight: into individual graham cracker crusts (6 to a pack) pour a mixture of Fat Free Evaporated Milk, whisked with 8oz Cool Whip, 1/4 c. lemon juice and 2 tsp. lemon peel. Refrigerate for 2 hours then top with fresh fruit or teaspoon of blackberry–or any flavor–jam! YUM!

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