Crab Boiled Country Style Pork Ribs

This Crab Boiled rib recipe is one I have had in my recipe binder for quite a while. It is from one of the Food Network original stars and who first got me into cooking, Emeril Lagasse. I was watching his show and Food Network ages ago before it became a hit channel. Bam! 🙂 Lots of times when I need a go to recipe, I search for the item on Food Network and then sort by chefs and look for his version, as I can never go wrong with a Emeril recipe. “Crab boiling” is simply a way to describe the long cooking in specific spices, the same that would be used if you did a crab boil party and had the pot filled with shelfish, corn, and potatoes (ooh that sounds yummy, might do that next). These ribs are extra tender because of the long time boiling them with all the yummy spices and because the cut of country style ribs is delicious. My store sells them boneless and this is the best kind to use.

The liquid crab boil called for in the recipe is just old bay seasoning and I can never find it in liquid form, so I use the dried form and just eyeball it. as far as the other strange ingredient, I always have a empty spice jar filled with Emeril Essence on hand, it goes great in lots of recipes. There is a recipe to make the spice rub at the bottom of the rib recipe. I didn’t need to make 6lbs of ribs for just me and the kids so I just cut the recipe in half. I have to say the BBQ sauce in this recipe is so easy and so tasty, I left out the cayenne for the kids, and I used balsalmic vinegar instead of cider vinegar and I think this added a great flavor. I served it with Emeril’s Lyonnaise Potatoes for an extra treat, think scalloped potatoes with a kick! So if you want some ribs for a summer cookout, skip the grill and try crab boiling them for a yummy twist.


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