Fish tacos with homemade salsa

It’s summer and the perfect time for bright light colorful meals. I always love to order fish tacos if we go out to eat so when I saw this recipe in my Food Network Magazine’s weekly dinners section I definitely bookmarked it. I loved the idea of making your own salsa and also trying catfish. I was surprised to find the catfish to be quite tasty, especially when fried in Wondra, a flour I have never tried before. The fresh salsa rang with so many great flavors, cilantro, lime and tomatillo. And we bought an Old El Paso taco kit so that way we had crunchy or soft tacos to make our creations on. Top it off with some fresh avocado slices from my brother and sister in law’s tree and we had a feast. I thought I would miss the usual slaw or sauce on a fish taco but the salsa really made it taste delicious and I was not missing anything. Please excuse the stock photo from my magazine, I ate them so fast I forgot to snap a pic! Have a family taco night and switch it up with fish tacos and homemade salsa and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


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