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A little Cuban dinner in Lemoore

September 21, 2011

Saw this recipe in my foodnetwork mag a while back and I bookmarked it so I had to try it: Tampa Cuban Sandwiches. Ok so I mostly post Italian treats but I like to try all kind of foods and I have always wanted to make a Cuban sandwich. It was relatively easy, I just had to make the marinade earlier in the day to let the pork shoulder marinate, and then plan for time for it to cook slowly in the oven, as the recipe calls for. My house was filled with the delicious smell of citrus, garlic and pork. That is one of my favorite parts of cooking, filling the house with the best smells, a candle can’t capture that! Once the pork was done it was all about the assembly. It seems funny to stack ham, shredded pork and salami – I mean it all comes from the same animal, but it was key to the authentic flavor. Also grilling it with a press really brought the flavors together, I did not have a press so I put a cast iron fry pan on top of my sandwich. My hubby loved it so much he had a cuban two days in a row after with all the leftovers. My kids even liked it with a few picky modifications, G had no mustard and Fi had hers deconstructed. So if you want a casual dinner that takes you to Cuba and will be a big hit with your diners, give this recipe a try!

cooler temps + tummy warming recipes = happy Tara

September 18, 2011

I have been waiting for the fall to come. Not that where we live has much of a fall but at least once it starts to cool off at night and I can open the windows and doors when I wake up for a brief moment of fresh air, I can reminisce about a New England Fall. One of my favorite parts of fall is the tummy warming recipes. There is just something comforting about pot roast, stews, chili or any sort of crock pot or slow roasted treat that makes it feel like the seasons are changing. Each year I make my staple recipes in the winter and fall, such as my Stracoto con Porcini or my Boston Marathon Chili, but this fall I am feeling inspired. I decided to try this Chicken-Corn Chili from my recent issue of my Food Network magazine. I usually try to do 1 or 2 new recipes, usually from this magazine, every week. This one caught my eye because I am tired of my same old red sauce or beef based chili recipes. The chili came out amazing, simple and light and a nice change from the typical ingredients. It said to make it with cornbread so I used my favorite Chopped judge’s cast iron skillet cornbread and can I say YUM!!!