Just say NO to biscuits from a can!

I know you can’t resist that cute little pillsbury dough boy with his infectious chuckle and mouthwatering commercials, but please try. Even if you get a coupon for .40 cents off of two cans doesn’t mean you should splurge. Especially when you can easily make your own homemade biscuits from scratch that taste even better than the canned ones. I don’t know why people are intimidated by bread and biscuits. Biscuits and scones are easier than you think and they don’t have yeast so that makes them foolproof. My husband likes to email me recipes as little hints for stuff he might like to appear on his plate. This one for the biscuit recipe that can’t be beat was in my inbox the other day. I whipped up some biscuits for breakfast and they were amazing. This was the first time I made them from scratch and they were incredibly easy. Sorry dough boy, you can’t woo me any longer, next stop homemade cinnamon rolls…


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