Just set it and forget it!

I am not one to get wooed by informercials and usually my husband isn’t either. But apparently he saw the one for Ron Popeil’s new pasta machine and before you know it I saw it appear on our AMEX bill. Next thing you know the UPS man brought me a massive box and I am the proud owner of a new pasta maker. My hubby knows how much I love to make fresh pasta by hand but he also knows how much work it is and my limited 2 selections on my hand crank pasta machine. So I was pretty stoked to get this machine with 12 shapes available. To test it out we made homemade tagliatelle on Wednesday night and it was delicious – and this was just our pre dinner snack! Last night he wanted to make rigatoni so I pulled out an old favorite, Rigatoni & Sausage, a recipe my mom added to my awesome recipe collection she made for me. Let me tell you the homemade rigatoni fresh from the machine really made the dish! If you can’t make your own (seriously who can, this machine is just ridiculous) then opt for some imported Italian pasta, it does make a difference, or use some sort of fresh pasta from the grocery store. Here is the recipe:

Rigatoni and Sausage

1 Jar roasted red peppers

6 Tb olive oil

1 lb mushrooms, sliced

1/2 c fresh Italian Parsley or 2-3Tb dried

1 tsp dried oregano or 1 Tb fresh

1 tsp dried thyme or 1 Tb fresh

2 garlic cloves minced

1 lb italian sausage removed from casings (Johnsonville sells it already removed, just ground up)

1 lb Rigatoni or Penne cooked (save 1/4 cup of pasta water to toss at end)

Chop herbs and garlic and set aside. Heat 3 Tb olive oil and cook mushrooms till tender and golden. Add red peppers chopped up and herbs and garlic and cook for about 2 mins, sprinkle with S&P. Transfer to a bowl and wipe out skillet. Cook ground sausage in skillet on medium heat till brown, drain. In large bowl combine sausage, mushroom/herb/garlic mixture, red peppers and pasta. Toss with 1/4c pasta water reserved from straining and sprinkle with Pecorino Romano cheese, and manga!


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