Easy Alfredo

I have marinara sauce running through my veins. Yes I am only 50% Italian but I am sure I am 100% deep down. That and sauce sounds better than German ale running through my veins, or wait maybe that wouldn’t be so bad. Anyhow every now and then I go from my standard red sauce to white. A lot of people I talk to are intimidated by making alfredo from scratch. But buying it in a jar or from the refrigerated section seems silly to me when you can make it for a much lower cost from scratch. I even had someone ask if I put flour in it to thicken it, umm no, unless you want to eat Elmer’s on your pasta. So the other night it was getting close to payday and we were trying to use what we had rather than run to the store. I always have the ingredients to make a great alfredo on hand.

First I saute some garlic in about 3-4 Tablespoons of butter. Usually I use a clove or two in my garlic press, depending how much you like garlic. After it has cooked a bit, but not on too high of a heat or the garlic will get bitter when burned (think translucent not brown) I add heavy cream, about 1-2 a cup to 3/4 a cup depending on how much sauce you need to make. You can use half and half if you want to lighten it up. Then I grate some fresh cheese into it, usually I use romano. I use about 1/4 cup to a half cup, depending on how much cream, more if you have more cream to thicken, etc… Then I stir it for a bit on medium heat to get the cheese to melt. Once it has melted I shut the heat off and it will thicken more on its own after, if you cook it too hot or too long it will curdle. Basically it took me a few tries to get it right and now I have it down to a science.

Add some fresh cracked black pepper and kosher salt to taste. Also you can add some white wine to the garlic and butter step if you want another tasty twist. Toss in some broccoli or chicken for a more balanced meal. We added it to some bucatini, my favorite pasta, it is a spaghetti with a hole down the strand of the spaghetti, so it is like a long skinny tube and all the sauce goes in and it gets all yummy. Both my girls cleaned their plates and had seconds with no need for me to bribe them to finish, a rarity at dinner. So don’t buy store bought Alfredo when you can make your own at home with 4 simple ingredients and you will join the clean plate club too!


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