don’t say No to Gnocchi

Last night I made my own homemade Gnocchi from this recipe, from Mario Batali on my new favorite show, The Chew. Making gnocchi something I have always wanted to do. Gnocchi is Italian for dumpling and that is just what these are, soft little pillows of heaven. Most recipes call for them to be made with potatoes and that is the version I first tasted and they are delicious. This recipe was relatively easy to make and the dough was easier to work with than regular pasta dough. I cut my recipe in half since it was just for me and the girls and it made just enough. First I followed Mario’s directions and boiled the potatoes whole for 45 minutes. That made them easy to peel. Then since I don’t have a potato ricer, I used a wooden spoon and a small strainer to smash the potatoes through to get the same result. It was sort of like a play-doh toy getting the potatoes to squeeze through into little pieces. It looked like this:

Then I formed it into a big ball, this is the one time you are allowed to play with your food, so enjoy it!

After that I sprinkled flour on the ball and cracked the egg over it (remember I made half a batch so that is why there is one egg)

Then I kneaded the dough, the texture was really cool and much easier to knead than typical pasta dough, then I formed it into a ball

After this I separated it into tennis ball sized pieces and rolled them out into 3/4 inch dowels, as Mario instructed

Then you slice the log into 1 inch strips

Then you use your fork to flick down and somewhat flatten to get that typical Gnocchi shape (be gentle, it was my first time, so they look a bit wonky)

After that you boil for 4-5 minutes. Strain carefully and be gentle as I was a little too hard on mine and some came apart. Next time I would probably scoop them out with a straining spoon instead of dumping them into a strainer in the sink, which I think was too hard on them. I topped my Gnocchi with some leftover Cacciatore sauce (you know I save everything!) I had in the freezer and let me tell you, with the peppers and the capers, this made one tasty dish. You could use the simple red sauce Mario suggests too or any sauce you like, even a pesto would be great on gnocchi. So if you love gnocchi or have always wanted to try them, check out the recipe link above, I would also suggest watching Mario’s video on the Chew site, listed below the recipe in two parts, to see how to properly make them. Oh and for fun I put that picture of Sofia’s first gnocchi back in 2008, at the top of my blog, she loved it!

One Response to “don’t say No to Gnocchi”

  1. Mom Says:

    look yummy, want some!!

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