Gnocchi UFC Battle

Ok so because I am a perfectionist and I love to cook I had to attempt the gnocchi again. I just wasn’t happy with how it came out. My mom had given me a different recipe to try and so I decided to try it. This gnocchi recipe from King Arthur Flour’s website just sounded more delicious to begin with. I didn’t make the gorgonzola sauce but I have made that before for fresh fettuicine and it was to die for. In this recipe, I liked how you microwave the potatoes, rather than boiling them forever, as it instructed in my previous gnocchi post. Also by adding grated cheese to the dough it gave it such a yummy smell, along with the nutmeg (which thanks to my MIL, I had fresh nutmeg to grate). So the dough already seemed to have a big advantage with these additions.

This dough was a bit easier to work with and also cut and roll with a fork, but I still might getting the $5 gnocchi board at the King Arthur Flour store to make it easier, or maybe my handy hubby will make me one. Of course making them by hand gives them a slightly irregular shape but that did not affect the taste at all, we didn’t have a single gnocchi left!

I made sure to gently lower them into the water with the slotted spoon and then used the same spoon to strain them, as last time I dumped them in the collander and killed them. Then I tossed them with some olive oil before topping with my cacciatore sauce and pecorino romano. Then we devoured them!

So if you liked my last post or you like gnocchi, you have to give this version a try and you too will think this version wins the ultimate gnocchi championship! Oh and it made just enough for me and my 2 girls, but I would have to double the recipe if my hubby were home or we had guests, FYI.


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