Whole Wheat Treats

Yep I cracked, well sort of. Since Oz said I can have any 100% whole wheat items this week I sought out a recipe to bake. Oh for those of you who don’t know I am doing a 28 day carb detox. First week no carbs, second week I can have whole grains like whole wheat bread, quinoa, brown rice…I am also doing a sugar detox as well. But I have been having a hard time finding anything to curb my baking and sweet cravings (which apparently should have gone away from the detox, but haven’t).

So last night I searched the web and finally found something I could have. 100% whole wheat banana bread with honey in the recipe instead of sugar and viola, I can bake again! Most “whole wheat” banana bread recipes I found had only half whole wheat flour and half regular flour (white flour is a no no on the detox). But the recipe you can click on the link above is the real deal. I was skeptical as I was mixing the honey and oil together, wondering how can I bake without sugar or white flour? But surprisingly the batter came together nicely. I was even more surprised when I took the loaf out of the oven and dug in. Wow! If eating healthy and clean (think no processed foods or preservatives at all) tastes this good I think I can make the next 14 days no problem! I guess I always assumed the sugar and white flour were needed to make the baking science experiment a success. I couldn’t even tell it was whole wheat, which is the case with store bought products, and I didn’t even miss the sugar, and I am usually not a honey fan.

I am going to seek out more healthy recipes and I will share here. Anyhow, if you have been hesitant to try whole wheat flour, don’t be shy, you will be surprised how good it comes out and how much better it is for you!



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