Scrumptious Sundays

So this weekend I tried out two new recipes, its a day of adventure over here in titillating Lemoore. First we had brunch with some pancakes I saw on The Chew, that were made by Gwenyth Paltrow’s late father and then for dinner I am testing out some new pizza dough. My regular readers know I always use my go to recipe of King Arthur Flour’s Now or Later pizza for my dough but I had torn this new recipe out of La Cucina Italiana magazine and I was dying to try it.

Pizza Margherita is a work of art, seriously it looks like an edible Italian flag! I was so excited to try this authentic Italian recipe. The special 00 flour can be ordered on King Arthur flour’s site for only about $8. I love trying new recipes and learning about cool new ingredients. San Marzano tomatoes are available in most grocery stores now, even our base commissary has them! This pizza dough is a 3-4 day process. I started on Friday. It has to sit in the fridge for a bit so make sure you read ahead to that step, as I was going to make it for Friday’s dinner and got it all ready only to find it had to hang out in my fridge. My mom thinks the dough didn’t look promising (have some faith Mahgie, when does my cooking ever turn out bad?) she likes to stick to the King Arthur version I posted above.

The dough didn’t rise as much as the recipe said it should have, which I think is due to my yeast being not fresh enough and the water and yeast solution not being “creamy” enough as listed in the first step. But the dough was soft and it rolled out fine and I thought it tasted amazing. It totally brought me back to Sicily and it tasted like Authentic Italian pizza. I topped one with the margherita toppings and then I went to town on the other one, using proscioutto, genoa salami, fresh mozzarella, romano, marinated artichoke hearts, mushrooms and a few dots of my homemade pesto in addition to the regular sauce.

The texture of the dough was almost like pita bread or a Boboli pizza but to me it was simply delicious. My kids loved it as it was not as crispy as the usual recipe and it was nice and soft, which they preferred. The four balls of dough made 4 mini pizzas and everyone got to make their own. I will try this recipe again and I will buy a fresh packet of yeast to scoop out of rather than using the jar in my fridge, which says 2013, but if it has sat for a bit it looses its fizz.

As far as the buttermilk pancake recipe, I was really pleased with how they came out. They were super fluffy and the taste was amazing. They are featured in Gwennie’s (I saw that like we are BFFs) cookbook and are a family recipe her dad made for years. I halved the recipe and I still had about about 16 pancakes! I would probably cut the salt a bit next time as they were a bit salty, but not majorly. Also I did not leave the batter to sit overnight, just sat it on the counter for about an hour or two. I think they would be a big crowd pleaser if you want to feed the masses.

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