apple crumb or should I say yum cake

Before my hubby got home from the boat he sent me a recipe that caught his eye. He is a big fan of any coffeecake or crumble or crisp, most specifically the crisp part. Recently I asked him if he wanted me to make him a dessert and he said how about a crumble, but just the crumble part only, haha! The recipe sitting in my inbox waiting for him to return was this Apple Cinnamon Crumb Cake. I had some granny smith apples (his favorite) on hand for his arrival.

This recipe calls for a ridiculous amount of butter and it makes a huge 9″x13″ coffeecake so I would suggest making it for company or to share at work or something. We made a small dent in it and gave some away but still quite a bit remained. I was not a huge fan of this crumb topping so if I made it again I would maybe use a topping from a previous coffeecake recipe I posted. The apples were a nice surprise as they made the cake moist and the sourness of the granny smith really added a nice zing. So even though it is summer, enjoy the fall flavors in this cake and change up your usual coffeecake recipe.


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