Straw-ba-ba-ba Berry Shortcake

This summer is the best time of year to get your strawberry shortcake on. Each year I experiment and try new recipes. I go back and forth between the biscuit style and the sponge cake style. Please don’t buy those processed “cakes” in your produce section. Both styles are so easy to make from scratch and so worth it. Lately I have been on a biscuit kick so I googled and found this new strawberry shortcake recipe.  I was really happy with how it turned out. I had a flat of delicious ripe strawberries that were just calling for me to use them.

I also made my usual homemade whipped cream (hearing a chant of my mom in my head saying why buy that frozen crap when you can make your own with 3 ingredients) with heavy cream, vanilla and confectionary sugar. The biscuits came out great, we had some left over that we had with jam for breakfast. So if you are looking for a new twist on your typical summer dessert try this southern version from a northern girl.


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One Response to “Straw-ba-ba-ba Berry Shortcake”

  1. Mom Says:

    loved your narrative, proud you used whipped instead of Coolwhip!! you rock as a great cook!

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