I’d do anything for love or Nutella

My hubby recently requested this nutella cupcake recipe. I thought it sounded and looked good and what a great idea to swirl the Nutella into your batter. Honestly though the cupcakes came out very dry (even with the modification the blogger gave to help it not be so dry) so next time I would make my own buttermilk vanilla cupcake recipe and then just use the tip I learned to swirl the Nutella in. I usually don’t post recipes that don’t work but I think the Nutella tip is a handy one that could enhance any recipe. The cupcakes came out very pretty and the bites with Nutella in them were quite tasty, just the vanilla cupcake part was not my favorite. I think you could also use a box mix (gasp) and this trick would work well with that or even a brownie, poundcake or sheet cake recipe. Using the delicious hazelnut spread is sort of like making a marble cake out of any batter in a new way. I know any batters I make in the future are pretty much guaranteed to get a Nutella swirl in them since I am a Nutella advocate (that sounds better than addict).


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