Real Deal Red Velvet

Ok I am a very naughty blogger. I forgot to snap a pic of my creation before it was gone. But that is a good sign right? The cake was so delicious that there was not even a crumb left to photograph. I love trying new recipes. My hubby gets a random craving now and then and he asked me to make him a red velvet cake. I am pretty sure it had nothing to do with the cake part but everything to do with the cream cheese frosting part. I went to my trusty food network site and found this recipe by Alton Brown. Most of Alton’s recipes are pretty technical and advanced but I like a challenge. Why he puts measurements in complicated metrics is beyond me, but luckily I had a chart in my Giada cookbook to help me convert all his ounces. I also used my kitchen scale to get some of the ingredients just right.

What is really is red velvet all about? Well red velvet cake is really a chocolate cake with food coloring. But originally it came about because the buttermilk and cocoa created a chemical reaction in the cake and gave it a reddish hue. Now with the processed cocoa this doesn’t quite happen, hence the food coloring (thank you wikipedia). Either way, Alton’s version was mouth watering and so moist and his version of cream cheese frosting was the best I have had yet. I will be using this as my go to frosting in all my other recipes, carrot cake and more. I halved the recipe (hello algebraic equations) to make single 9 inch round. We each enjoyed a slice or two and gave the rest to Nana and Poppa so we would not feel too gluttonous for eating a whole cake. So if you have seen red velvet on cake competitions and wondered what it is all about, don’t buy the version in the red box, make your own version and you will have a real sweet treat!


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2 Responses to “Real Deal Red Velvet”

  1. Mom Says:

    it was delicious!! thank you for sharing

  2. mydearbakes Says:

    Great post! =)

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