Red Velvet take 2

Every now and then I get little hints in my inbox from my hubby with lines such as, “I would have some of these”…and a recipe attached. I recently posted a red velvet recipe and wanted to try this other version without buttermilk as well. This red velvet recipe is from the famous DC cupcakes show on TLC, which I have never seen. But I have to say I learned some great tips from it. The cupcakes came out unbelievably moist and fluffy and the frosting was whipped to delicious perfection. My batter made more than the dozen the recipe said it would make, maybe their cupcake pan is an oversized cupcake? I used the extra batter in a 9×9 cake pan and baked that a bit longer for an extra treat to deliver to my mom.

I had never known that keeping all the steps separate and adding things in a specific order would make such a difference, but in this recipe it really did. Plus the whipping of the frosting at the end and using the technique to pipe it on the cupcakes really made a difference. Who says you can’t teach an old cook news tricks? I love when recipes actually teach me something! So if you have a sweet tooth this weekend and don’t mind a bit of a more difficult recipe, this red velvet delight is definitely worth the time.


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