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Apple Pie’s Soulmate

November 22, 2011

Finish this sentence: apple pie is not complete without what? Ok I hope you said ice cream. I mean whipped cream is all well and good but ice cream is to apple pie what Harry is to Sally (never saw this movie actually) or maybe Rose was to Jack? So to make my turkey day extra TaraSpecial I made my own gelato to go with my pie. Most of my close family and friends know I have been doing this as a side business on base, selling my Nutella gelato out of my freezer. But for my apple pie to say “you complete me” I decided to try this vanilla bean gelato recipe. It was my first time working with real vanilla beans and let me tell you, scraping the seeds out of the middle like they do on cooking shows is not as easy as it looks. Once I got them out though I could see how true vanilla ice cream gets its tiny black specks (think Breyers brand) – from the vanilla bean scrapings. This gelato came out so delicious and rich and was super easy to make. All you need is an ice cream maker (thank you MIL and Cuisinart) and a few simple ingredients. So if you want to complete one of your holiday desserts this season try this gelato recipe out and you will never feel alone again! EDIT: and if you need a quick, easy, tasty and no fail pie crust recipe try this recipe by my BFF the Barefoot Contessa. I used it to make my first pumpkin pie ever and a quick apple pie for the single sailors at my hubbies work. Look how pretty my pies turned out: