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Perfect Pesto

March 7, 2012

Some may think Pesto is something that belongs in the anticipated Ghostbusters 3 movie but I disagree. I had never been a fan of pesto until I had it fresh. The stuff in a jar often is too greasy or has cheap substitutes, think walnuts for the pine nuts or cheapo cheese. But in Sicily I had fresh pesto at an Agriturismo (farm restaurant that uses the items grown in the recipes and you eat course after course for like $20, my dream come true) and I was hooked.  Anyhow I was determined to unlock the secret of a great pesto so I decided to make up my own. It is very simple and has 4 ingredients and that is all it needs. I made it the other night to go with my favorite gnocchi recipe and the two combined were a match made in heaven. I had a bit of pesto leftover so I used dots of it on the pizza in my previous post and it was delicious. So if you like pesto and want to try making your own, here is my version:

T’s Pesto

1/2 c EVOO (the real italian kind not some imitation american version)

1/2 c of Parmesan or Romano (I prefer true Pecorino Romano in my pesto)

1/2 c pine nuts

tons of fresh basil leaves, probably two handfuls, you can add more if the sauce is too thin

salt and pepper to taste

Put cheese, nuts and basil in food processor. Start it up and drizzle in the olive oil slowly. Process it until it makes a nice pesto consistency and add salt and pepper to taste. Don’t bother warming it up, just toss it directly into the hot strained pasta and it will do its job. You decide how much to use, save some for later in the fridge and add to pizza or garlic bread, manga!